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Digital Center: The Making of the Container Building Project

Called the ‘Digital Center’. Designed and constructed by Kontekture for UBTH staff cooperative society. It is a 2-storey container building. The upper floor is a hall and event space, while the ground floor is a digital store.

In all, 12 units of 40ft high-cube shipping containers were used for the project. We have used shipping containers for various projects, and clients have adopted it for various purposes. In this case, it solved a cost problem and it was faster to erect, so the UBTH COOP could quickly earn a return on investment on the facility.

In our 3D parametric design for the cladding, the panels had differing projections to give a slightly uneven shape, and the materials used are a mixture of reflective grey glass and aluminum composite panels of mirror and silver.

The UBTH COOP has always done it’s things differently, their other business ventures have one of the most sophisticated processes and adoption of technology in Nigeria. Just like their brand, we wanted the building to stand out, and make an impression. Something different but accepted.

Most building construction projects in Nigeria are made of concrete and hollow-blocks. While there is a rise in the adoption of shipping containers as an alternative construction method, cargotecture is not a silver bullet for the infrastructure deficit in Nigeria, but it sets the tone on the desirability of alternative construction methods.

Alternative construction methods can be more affordable and still look exceedingly desirable while without a dramatic shift in user experience. Most container projects in Nigeria are in the major cities like Lagos and Abuja. At the time of construction, this was one of the first container projects in Benin city.

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