The Alpha.

Beautiful meets affordable

Beautiful. Affordable.

Over time people have asked us for a container house that doesn’t look like it was built out of shipping containers.  Finally we have it ready!

The Alpha.

All Purpose

Shipping container house which can be configured into 4 bedroom duplexes or units of 2 bedroom apartments.

Structure + Finishing.


4 Bedroom Duplex – 1 master bedroom, guest room, bedroom 1 and bedroom 2, kitchen, store, dining area, terrace, living room.

2 Bedroom Apartments – Master bedroom, guest room, kitchen, store, terrace, living room.

Finishes & fittings.


Roof – Aluminium longspan

Ceiling – POP castings

External Wall – Stone tiles / Stucco

Internal Wall – POP

Floors – Ceramic tiles

Windows – Sliding & Casement 

Doors – Flush doors and Aluminium

Electrical – Basic fittings

Plumbing – Basic fittings

Work Schedule.

Preliminaries – Foundation works, container procurement

Structural works – Steel works & remodelling, roof trusses, wallings

Finishes and Fittings – Ceiling, tiling, windows & doors installations, electrical and plumbing, paintings and facade

Build in Phases.

You don't have to do it all at once

4 Bedroom Duplex (N8 million)

Preliminaries – N2,445,000

Structural works – N,2750,000

Finishes and Fittings – N2,824,000



2 Bedroom Flat (N4 million)

Preliminaries – N1,222,500

Structural works – N1,375,000

Finishes and Fittings – N1,412,000

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