The Hadassah.

More Value, Less Cost


A luxury that doesnt hurt the purse

Kontekture’s Hadassah container home delivers a thrilling home experience. It is a 4 bedroom duplex with all rooms ensuite spanning across 3 floors. Its adventurous  designs come with glass and cladding facades and extended cantilevers. You enjoy a maximum use of space with the least ground footprint. It has a lifetime structural guaranty.

Unfair Advantage.

60% Cheaper to build than with concrete/blockwall 60%
40% faster to build than with concrete/blockwall 40%
40% cooler interiors than in concrete buildings 40%

Inner Details.

All the rooms you need in one place

Living & Dining Room; 4 Bedrooms Ensuite; Kitchen & Store; Terrace & Porch.

All Electrical/Plumbing Fittings, Wall, Floor & Ceiling Finishes, External Cladding, Roof & Terrace, All Doors & Windows, Solar Power & Smart House System

Technical Details.

lifetime guarantee.

Hadassah units are water proof. Care has been taken to ensure rain. Our combination of wood boards and fibre glass gives sound and heat insulation several times better than conventional buildings. 

All electrical wires are well insulated and properly earthed

Built with precision and excellent workmanship, it has a lifetime structural guaranty..

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*estates and other mass developments will benefit from discounts.

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