Light box.

Save more. Sell better.

The Shop that keeps on selling.

There are millions of stores in Nigerian cities fighting for the same thing – attention and sales. Some sellers have to shout on top of their voices to be seen while others have to drag people and fight other sellers to get their own customers. You only need to have a studio shop to be seen. It’s a shop that looks like an ad, designed to draw attention. It’s the shop that brings its own customers.

The boxes come with a window and door each. The package comes with full branding on the front shop while the remaining 3 sides are painted in the brand colours.

Size – 10 by 8ft (3 x 2.4m), Ceiling – PVC, Internal Wall – POP, Structural wall – Corten steel, Floor – Ceramic Tile. 

Box Studio.

All Purpose

Suitable for photography & music studios, boutiques, barber shops. it has  an all purpose functionality as its inside is a free space of 10 by 8ft, making it compact. It does well to get the attention and set your clients in the mood for a conversation by the time they check into your studio.

Super Safe.

Your items are perfetcly safe in the light Box shops. Sandwiched between the internal POP walls and external cladding is Corten steel. one of the strongest steel variants. It easier breaking into a bullion van than breaking into a Light Box shop.

Box Kiosk.

operation feed the nation

The Box kiosk suits sellers of food items, drinks, groceries, provisions, barbeques, frozen food etc. The package comes fully with the branding, counter top, interior finishings, and a retractable steel canopy. Your box just the way you and your customers want it. The canopy and the countertop can be retracted at the close of the day  and locked from the inside. All your items in it are safe.

1 minute.

It takes only one minute to connect a Light Box Shop to a truck and lift off to any destination. No experts required. So when your business moves to a favorable location, you dont have to leave your precious shop behind.

Gate Box.

The perfect solution to a security situation

The Light Box gate house was designed to do only one thing – be a gate house, and it does it perfectly. It has the gate office, a toilet and cooking area to give the gate man independence and always around his work area. It is suitable for residential and offices purposes and at telecoms base stations, etc

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